Each service is focused on the different levels of maturation of each company:
Nascent + Emercing      Emercing + Connected     Connected + Multi-moment

Business/Media/Tech/Marketing Diagnostic

We make different kind of diagnostics. Some focused on the technical part (ie tagging), others focused on the lack of data that impacts on business decision making, and the opportunities they clients are leaving on the table. Some others focused on the market growth and how is the opportunity for the business client.

Marketing Strategy & Roadmap

  1. Digital Marketing Consultancy, giving actionable insights with business impact.
  2. High level conversations.
  3. Analysis of the client’s business: objective, needs, pain points markets, general marketing strategy, competitors, positioning, benchmarks, trends.
  4. Strategy generation and detailed action plan, with all the resources that will be needed to implement it.

Provider recommendations:

  • Cloud
  • DSP
  • DMP