Pay Per Click Campaigns

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We design and manage payment marketing campaigns by click or impression. These may be content or banner, also known as display, through Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Double Click. You as a customer needs to define the budget.

These campaigns have the goal to generate traffic or audience qualified to your web site. With SEM (Search Engine Marketing, by its acronym) we collect information of your market.

The ads we create are composed of ad campaigns of text, text and images, images, videos or even, interactive ads.

For effective pay per click campaigns it is necessary to know your target audience by a digital marketing strategy that not only define your market goal, but that will also help you to optimize your website so that the campaigns have an optimal landing page. And at the end, how we decide that everything we have done on our web site and to our digital presence have good results? The answer is: Analytics.

Our Team Members

Ricardo Pravia
Ricardo PraviaCampaign Manager
Ricardo, like Irene is responsible for our clients ‘ campaigns. He works from Brazil and is pending each of steps that take Google on the platform to keep the entire team together updated with Irene
Online Advertising
Web Architecture and Development
Irene Espinoza
Irene EspinozaCampaign Manager
Irene has a close relationship with Google and their platforms, she love it! It is responsible of paid campaigns to improve the SEO companies, just as Paul is 5Pecialist and is in constant update of all the new products of our Partner, Google.
Online Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Viviana González
Viviana GonzálezUX Designer
Vivi is characterized by its immediacy in tasks, important skill when it comes to campaigns. It is very detailed both in work and in her desk. He is a lover of owls and palettes of colors, as a good designer.
User Interface Design
Online Advertising
Interface Development
Amanda Jiménez
Amanda JiménezCommunity Manager
Our other Amanda is in charge of the social networks of our customers, both, execute planning and scheduling in each of the accounts. It is fundamental piece in both sides, client and company.
Social Media Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Online Advertising
Yarelis Fallas
Yarelis FallasProject Manager
The activities of the services of digital marketing, design projects and web development are in her hands. It is responsible for assigning us the daily activities, this is a challenge! Supports communications with clients, facilitates the coordination of activities within work teams and manage budgets.
Project Management
Agile Methodologies
Team Leadership
Natalia Fonseca
Natalia FonsecaAdministrator
Voice of the office, responsible of taking care of our customers and supporting us in different areas. She always seeks to offer better service and respond in a timely manner the information and communication needs. It is responsible for the Organization of internal activities and attends administrative and commercial functions.
Team Leadership
Online Advertising
Domain Registration
Online Marketing
Angie Jiménez
Angie JiménezClient Intelligence Manager
Angie has experience in the use of: information and communication technologies as tools for marketing, she likes to work with multidisciplinary teams. She has a successful career in the area of customer service, key account management and the generation of business long-term with customers and suppliers.
Data Presentation
Content Marketing
Team Leadership
Tom Fervoy
Tom FervoyClient Intelligence Manager
Tom is in charge of our office in New York, has experience with major american industries such as entertainment and music. They have direct contact with our customers in that country.
Social Media Marketing
Business Intelligence

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