Digital Marketing Strategy

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The digital marketing strategy is based on a process of communication in which we run a message to an audience target and according to this we decide what to say, how, when and through which channel.

This target will have an impression of brand depending on that communication and effectiveness, it will take him to the next step of interaction with the brand, where he involves with us and where we must convince that we are his need.

Once convinced that we are the chosen to provide a service or product, he will take an action which we call conversion, this conversion could be translated to an online click purchase, for example.

Finally, our effort continues so that customer audience is loyal to your brand, generating a rebuy and loyalty with your products or services. 

Remember that a digital marketing strategy is not complete without a website optimization.

Our Team Members

Carlos Pravia
Carlos PraviaConversion Optimization Director
Charlie has more than 15 years working on optimization of user experience, design and development of web projects, incorporation of code to measure almost anything that you want to measure in a web presence and management of digital marketing channels.
User Interface Design
Web Architecture and Development
Team Leadership
Paul Fervoy
Paul FervoyDigital Analyst
Paul has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and analytics, not only in Costa Rica, but in Latin America. It is the intellectual author of digital strategies and is responsible for analyzing data to ensure the continuous improvement of our clients businesses.
Data Presentation
Data Mining
E-business strategy
Didier Fallas
Didier FallasNetwork and Information Security Director
Didier has more than 15 years of experience in Server Administration, in recent years has specialized in the cloud computing and security, monitoring traffic, intrusion detection and analysis of the vulnerability of services systems.
Application Hosting
Cloud Computing and Security
Amazon Web Services
Network monitoring Tools
Yarelis Fallas
Yarelis FallasProject Manager
The activities of the services of digital marketing, design projects and web development are in her hands. It is responsible for assigning us the daily activities, this is a challenge! Supports communications with clients, facilitates the coordination of activities within work teams and manage budgets.
Project Management
Agile Methodologies
Team Leadership
Natalia Fonseca
Natalia FonsecaAdministrator
Voice of the office, responsible of taking care of our customers and supporting us in different areas. She always seeks to offer better service and respond in a timely manner the information and communication needs. It is responsible for the Organization of internal activities and attends administrative and commercial functions.
Team Leadership
Online Advertising
Domain Registration
Online Marketing
Angie Jiménez
Angie JiménezClient Intelligence Manager
Angie has experience in the use of: information and communication technologies as tools for marketing, she likes to work with multidisciplinary teams. She has a successful career in the area of customer service, key account management and the generation of business long-term with customers and suppliers.
Data Presentation
Content Marketing
Team Leadership
Tom Fervoy
Tom FervoyClient Intelligence Manager
Tom is in charge of our office in New York, has experience with major american industries such as entertainment and music. They have direct contact with our customers in that country.
Social Media Marketing
Business Intelligence
Charlie Flores
Charlie FloresAccount Manager
Charlie is the youngest of the group, along with Angie, supports the process of communication between customer and company. Within their interests is volunteering, video games and movies.
Data Presentation
Online Marketing
Project Management
Online Advertising

What we do?

Optimize digital presence to achieve business goals