Each service is focused on the different levels of maturation of each company:
Nascent + Emercing      Emercing + Connected     Connected + Multi-moment

Cloud Architecture

  1. Exploratory analysis

    For the selected data we make an initial evaluation of its characteristics and statistical behavior. Then we do an exploration of the data with the main objective of characterizing the behavior of the data. Based on the results of the exploration we define and propose the possibilities that exist for the approach to modeling. Additional steps are usually defined and executed in the data cleaning, as a result of this step.

    Design, Develop and use of data lake for marketing.

  2. EDA

    • Lake Exploitation
    • Exploratory analysis of the data collected
    • Creation of statistical models
    • Use of machine learning
    • Correlation and trend search
    • Hypothesis validation
    • Answer to business questions
    • Testing
  3. Optimization and Automation

    • Custom dashboards with cross information from multiple sources
    • User Experience Optimization
    • Optimization of digital marketing investment
    • Better audience segmentation
    • Automation Projects
    • Cost reduction by decreasing hours / person.
    • Personalization of the brand experience
    • Improve customer loyalty
    • Promote re-purchase

Exploratory data analytics (EDA)

Solutions integrations

Machine learning

Data lake

Data science