Why Cloud?

  • 70% reduction on capital and operational cost by moving to Cloud.
  • Take control of and manage your marketing data.
  • Stay on top of customer sentiment.
  • Improve automated customer support.
  • Personalize your digital channels to each step of each of your customer’s journey.
  • See the brand lift of your marketing campaigns.
  • Create valuable market segments and lookalikes.
  • Activate your data via your marketing and sales channels.
  • Measure the online-to-offline sales impacts of your digital initiatives.
  • Improve lead quality.

How we Work

Our workflow is divided in three phases:

 Listen & Collect

We listen to those players with awareness of business needs, and then tell them what we’re going to collect using:

  • GCP, AWS, APIs and Scraping
  • Other quantitative & qualitative tools like interviews, transformations and study of data (not just quantitative / data driven)

Not just cloud data engineers doing cloud connections via APIs, we can also do surveys, first party responses, focus group feedback, and other business needs we listen to from the company and from the marketplace.

We combine these two with our deep data analysis for two very deep approaches.

Data capture.
Bringing together information from surveys, qualitative studies, reviews and quantitative data from sources like Google Analytics, Facebook (via beaconing, tagging and data publicly available) and storing it all together in one single Data Lake repository.

 Transform & Analyze


Now you have the data in one place. How to manipulate it to answer business questions? By determining which information is relevant and how to merge different sets of data by moving, cleaning up and classifying it, we identify that which will help you with your business needs and we stitch it back together in a single repository.


Next, we determine what kind of data analysis is appropriate to answer your business questions: statistics, regression analysis, clusters of data. The what way you analyze data tells you something about the information you seek. We visualiza and build models for this analysis with a data science and statistics approach.

 Visualize & Activate


The visualization of information is one of the outputs of our analysis. We achieve this thanks to advanced reporting and data visualization tools such as Data Studio. (Generic example).


As we organize and convert data into useful sets of information, we use it to take action and enable automation tools to better achieve your business goals, such as marketing campaign customization and website optimization models. The more data the models have to work with, the more accurate the product of this activation process.

Our clients: